Libya pays JD50m to hotels, hospitals

The Libyan government has made a JD50 million payment on its outstanding debt to the Kingdom’s hospitals and hotels, officials informed with the issue said on Thursday.

Ali Bin Jalil, head of the Libyan Medical Committee in Amman, told The Jordan Times on Thursday that the money had been already transferred and was expected to be received by Sunday.

He said the delay in paying back the outstanding debts was related to the government’s engagement with internal issues.

Private Hospitals Association (PHA) officials confirmed to The Jordan Times that they had been notified of Libya’s decision to transfer JD50 million.

It was not immediately clear how the payment would be divided between hotels and hospitals.

The statement came one day after the Kingdom’s hotels decided to stop receiving Libyan guests due to the outstanding debt of over JD90 million the Libyan government owed the hotels.

In a circular issued by the Jordan Hotels Association (JHA) Wednesday, a copy of which was made available to The Jordan Times, hotels were asked to inform their Libyan guests to vacate their rooms by Sunday unless they can pay in cash for their accommodation.

Meanwhile, PHA-affiliated hospital stopped receiving Libyan patients except cash payers at the beginning of this month.

According to PHA figures, the medical bills for more than 50,000 Libyans treated in the Kingdom’s hospitals total JD120 million, of which Libya had only paid JD20 million prior to the payment announced Thursday.

(Source: Jordan Times)

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