Election Facts

  • Set for July 7
  • These are the country’s first national elections in more than four decades
  • Candidates will have 18 days to campaign. Their campaigns must end two days before the election, on July 5th.
  • 2,501 independents and 1,206 political association candidates are eligible to stand.
  • Eighty of the 200 parliamentary seats will go to political parties, and the rest to independent candidates.
  • The new parliament will be tasked with overseeing the government, drafting a new constitution and scheduling a new round of elections in two years' time.
  • Libyans began registering in May for the election and approximately 2.7 million people, or 80 per cent of those eligible to vote, have enrolled.
  • Once the newly elected assembly holds its first session, the NTC will step down.
  • Candidates must disclose how their campaign was financed.
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