Infrastructure to Aid Wintershall Production in Libya

Wintershall is closing in on its pre-conflict production levels in Libya. The company is currently producing a little over 70,000 bopd in the country, which is about 70% of pre-conflict levels, and could reach its previous levels once some infrastructure is put in place.

Addressing a delegation at an industry event in London, Wintershall’s VP Klaus Langemann said the company's output was being restricted by infrastructure constraints and that production would rise once a new oil export pipeline in Libya was completed.

"We are at more than 70% of our original production capacity, and we are producing a little beyond 70,000 bpd," Langemann told attendees.

Libya asked Wintershall to help build a new export pipeline together with the state-owned NOC and Agoco the company VP said. "We acted quickly, and the pipeline is now under construction," Langemann said. "It will be finalized early next year."

(Source: African Business Communities, Wintershall)

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