100 Egyptian Firms Competing for Libyan Business

The head of the Egyptian-Libyan Businessmen Committee, Mr. Nasser al-Bayan, has said that 100 Egyptian contracting companies are competing to win business in Libya.

According to the report from Libya Business, businesses and investors are trying to win contracts for the provision of building materials as well as heavy building machinery. Mr. Bayan told al-Wadi newspaper that the Egyptian contractors have tendered proposals for projects to be executed in Libya by their companies.

These projects target the Libyan private sector, which includes the building of hotels, tourist resorts, private education institutions, restaurants and other tourist investments. He said the total value of these projects was $200 billion. Some sources expect that these projects could start as early as October of this year.

Some Egyptian companies, such as Orascom Construction and el-Sewedy Cables are already operating in Libya.

(Source: Libya Business)

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