All parties and groups in Libya must come together

As Libya looks at the next step after the recent elections, it is critical that all parties and groups aim at reaching the same goal. Regardless of affiliations or leanings, the interest of building a nation that is transparent and democratic should not be compromised. And this can only be achieved if all parties involved in the process come together as a single unit.

There are a host of challenges facing the new Prime Minister, Mahmoud Jibril.

He has to ensure that all parts of the country are actually engaged in the new political process without any apprehension or discrimination. This is critical, given the fact that Libya is made up of various tribal and ethnic localities.

Hence, bringing all to agree on a single agenda will be an uphill task for any politician. 

In addition, there has to be an agreement on allocation of oil revenues. The country has long suffered from neglect, which has created vast numbers of people living in poverty and now is the opportunity to correct the malaise. Optimum distribution of revenues has to ensure equality according to the level of requirement. Therefore, a detailed plan for building an infrastructure that caters to the needs of the people is of utmost importance. These are challenges that can only be addressed if all of the country’s leaders come together.

(Source: Gulf News)

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