OMV Libyan Output Close to pre-Revolution Levels

Austrian energy group OMV said it will take most of the rest of this year to restore its Libyan production to levels of reliability seen before the revolution.

Jaap Huijskes, head of exploration and production, told a news conference:

"There's work ongoing. It will take most of the rest of this year to get back to the sort of reliability levels we've seen previously. 

"The fields are OK. It's the reliability, the up time that we're still working on."

According to Reuters, the company said earlier that Libyan production would likely remain stable at around 90 percent of pre-crisis levels for the time being.

Libya accounted for 10 percent of OMV's output before the revolution that toppled Muammar Gaddafi.

(Sources: Reuters, Dow Jones)

(Picture: Gerhard Roiss, CEO)

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