AGOCO Tender: Electrification of Oil Wells at Nafoora

The Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO)'s Main Tender Committee has announced the following tender:

1. PROJECT TITLE: Electrification of six oil wells at Nafoora field, Project: n-96. BID NO: MTC- 32/2012 BOOK PRICE: 500 L.D.

2. PROJECT TITLE: Study for Electrical engineering protection systems and perform relays adjustment, test & analysis on the ( 33/11/3.3 & main 0,4 ) kv networks in Sarir ,Messla & Majid oil fields.

BID NO: MTC- 34/2012 BOOK PRICE: 500 L.D.

So, to all qualified, Specialized companies which have previous experience and which have the intention to submit to one or more of the above tenders, to receive directly specification booklets through their representatives which have to fill the attached receiving forms ahead, before coming to receive booklets, to ease and speed the process. All have to adhere to received contents. Booklets handing will be during the period from Tuesday 28/08/2012 to Thursday 30/08/2012 between12:00 noon to 14:00.

1- Specification booklets are to be obtained From Main Tender Committee Secretariat office No.4 / The New Building at AGOCO Main Compound – Elkish, Benghazi, during the Working hours, against payment of the specified amount as per table, paid through non refundable certified cheque (From a Libyan bank) Credited to Arabian Gulf Oil Company(AGOCO). Booklets will not be submitted to other than the qualified capable bidders which are able to submit required documents by this announcement, according to the Following conditions:

2- Representatives have to be authorized through official letters from their Companies.

3- Who desire to bid has to present his qualification and past experience, supported with documents in the related Field. Also legal and Financial documents, according to the prevailing laws for those registered in Libya, have to be Submitted (all in a separate envelope). These are : · Decree of formation. · Valid Commercial registration. · Valid registration Certificate from Chamber of Commerce. · Valid working permission. · Valid proof of tax payment. · Financial status along last three

(3) years or current budget for new companies. · Minister of economy permission.

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