Air Traffic Controllers End Strike

Flights to and from Libya resumed on Sunday evening following a strike by air traffic controllers.

The strike was announced on Sunday morning without prior warning to airlines, according to a report from AFP, forcing a Tunisair flight to remain grounded at Benina airport in Benghazi; a Qatar Airways flight to Benghazi was redirected to Alexandria in Egypt.

At Tripoli's international airport, hundreds of passengers waited in the main hall for hours, angry that the strikers had failed to give the airlines the required 72-hour notice.

Libya Herald reports that the government has pledged to meet their demands within the next two months; their grievances include a lack of staff training and the deficiencies of existing navigational equipment, and there have also been demands to review the positions of some officials within the system. Pay was also reported to be an issue.

(Sources: AFP, Libya Herald, IOL, Associated Press)

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