Libya’s First Electronic Library

A major new project to create Libya’s first electronic library is underway in Benghazi.

Attia Saleh Al Ojali, under-secretary at the Ministry of Culture and Civil Society, who is supervising the work, told the Libya Herald:

This library will allow readers to access many scientific periodicals in medicine, sciences and engineering, so that readers can get these publications and download them.

“We have expanded and remodelled the library’s service centre and have mobilised it with new computers and networks.

He added that there would be books available on the electronic system, to which the ministry will have all the rights. The contents of the book library itself have also been rebuilt.

With more than a million summaries of MA dissertations and PhD theses available through the project, it is expected to be of particular use to universities.

“We are currently working with all the libraries of the Libyan universities, which all look forward to getting connected to the service,” said Ojali.

The project has received no funding from foreign associations or organisations, but contracts have been signed with a German company, Springer, and the American firm InfoQuest to help build up the on-line facility.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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  1. Michael Terranova 12th October 2012 at 10:59 pm #

    I along with people around have compiled stories from Freedom Fighters and friends around the world. The book is published and I am making an ebook. "The General Council of Culture" in Benghazi sponsored the book launch in Benghazi in June. They sent me and four others of us a "Certificate of Appreciation." This book is a history from people involved. [Advertising removed]

    How can I contact the Ministry of Culture and Civil Society?

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