Polish Conservation Experts to Aid Libya

Libya Herald reports that conservation experts from Poland are planning to come to Libya next year to help restore Libyan monuments.

An exhibition showcasing Polish achievements in conservation will also come to Tripoli in 2013; it will provide an opportunity for Libyan and Polish companies to explore future business links, create international contacts and share best practice.

At a recent conference in Poland on the renovation of monuments, project coordinator Alexandra Oniszk said that Polish conservation expertise, from the maintenance of ancient buildings to monument and statue cleaning and restoration, could benefit Libya.

She said that the damage Poland sustained during the Second World War compelled them to develop and refine their conservation knowledge and skills.

Libya’s security situation had delayed the project, but a date will be decided in November, and that it was likely to be early in 2013, possibly in February.

The exhibition and seminars will be organised by ‘Poland Cares,’ a business promotion programme funded by the European Regional Development Fund and supported by the Polish Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Since 2001 Polish archaeologists from Warsaw University have carried out excavations at the ancient city of Ptolemais (pictured). Their discoveries at the 250-hectare site include the 1,800 year old house of the Roman Lucius Accius, containing some 24 mosaic floors and several metres of well-preserved wall paintings.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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