Families to get LD 1,000 Grant Within Weeks

The GNC’s Budget, Planning and Finance Committee is about to distribute a grant of 1,000 dinars to every Libyan family to help cover the costs of Eid Al-Adha which started on 25 October, reports Libya Herald.

The resolution was passed on 18th November, although the decision to distribute the funds was announced on 10th October; it was said at the time that the funds would not be ready for disbursement for at least two months.

They will start distributing the funds in the next two weeks. The legislation marks the third time that the authorities have decided to make a payment to the population at large since last year’s revolution.

The GNC has also approved in principle plans to give every family a monthly allowance. Exact figures are not due to be discussed until January although it has been suggested that every family would receive between LD 300-500 with an additional amount of between LD 50–100 for every dependent mentioned in the Family Book.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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