Akakus Pre-Qual for Inspection of HV Lines

Akakus Oil Operations (formerly Repsol Oil Operations) is seeking companies/contractors with expertise in:

"Washing and Thermographic Inspection of High Voltage Overhead Transmission Lines and Associated Equipment"

At present, Akakus Oil Operations needs to Pre – Qualify Local and Foreign Companies / Contractors (Established and Registered in Libya) who meet the criteria to participate in the Tendering Campaign for the above project.

The Scope of Work for this Project is, in brief, the Washing of Live Line Insulator of High Voltage Overhead Power Lines, Substations, Structures and Electrical Auxiliaries such as Fuse-Holders, Line Disconnects, Surge Protection and general related insulation, using High Pressure Insulator Washing Equipment with Demineralised Water.

Furthermore, a Thermographic Inspection of High Voltage Installation is required and shall include the Inspection of Cable Terminations, Fuse Holder & Line Disconnects Connections, Bushings of Power Transformers, Tension Towers Closing Jumper Clamps, Drop lines, Parallel or Grooved Clamps and General connections.

The works are situated at Akakus Oil Operations El – Sharara Field NC – 115 and NC – 186 Concessions, located approximately 1070 km south of Tripoli Town and 70 km from Ubari City.

Therefore, interested Companies / Contractors with previous experience in such projects and who wish to participate in the said Tendering Campaign, are invited to send their representative, with an authorized letter where all the particulars of the representative shall be mentioned, to visit Akakus Oil Operations Head Offices in order to register their interest and receive the Pre – Qualification Questionnaire Documents from the 09th till the 16th of December 2012.

Contact Details:


Contact Person: Mr. Ali B. Elmegri

Title: Secretary of Bids Committee

Address: El – Tahaddi Street, off Airport Road – Tripoli, Libya

P. O. Box No: 91987

Telephone Number: 00218 21 4802630 / 9

Telephone Extension Number: 7248 or 7046

Fax Number: 00218 21 4802640

E-mail Address: [email protected]

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