Libyan Oil Exports Not Yet Affected by Port Strike

The port strike at Libya's Ras Lanuf oil terminal is not currently affecting exports of Libyan crude and petroleum products, according to a report from Platts.

Abdeljalil Mayuf, the media and information director at the state-owned Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO), told the agency that shipments are continuing from the terminal as scheduled, but noted the potential for disruption to petroleum exports in future.

He attributed the unrest to local discontent with job opportunities created since Libya's 2011 revolution at the country's oil refineries and export terminals, and the oil fields supplying them.

"Libyans are calling for federalism since the current structure of central government isn't returning any benefits to Libyans despite the ongoing increase in exports of crude oil and oil products," he said in an interview.

"The security situation is also weak and the current government isn't in control ... Ministers are just travelling overseas and spending most of their time away from Libya without paying attention to people's demands"

(Source: Platts)

One Response to Libyan Oil Exports Not Yet Affected by Port Strike

  1. Frederick Davies 22nd December 2012 at 7:25 pm #

    I am very sorry to see people resort using strike action
    Strikes are usually started with self interested persons with other
    ambitions, they are a canker in any society

    I worked at Tobruk and was instrumental in getting the terminal functioning with few skilled personnel, and have watched the changes since 1970 The same arguements were made by the Gaddafi supporters
    to come to power that is being made by the strike instigators

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