Tripoli’s First Educational Materials Exhibition

The first international exhibition of educational materials and equipment at the Tripoli International Fairground ended this week, reports Libya Herald.

Local businesses and international firms were both represented and there was a particular focus on training in key adult education areas, including the English language and medicine.

Amal Abd Algadar Ali, from Libyan medical equipment company Bayan Alshefa, said she believed many more people would be in education by 2015. She added that she would be a proud Libyan when there was equality in education, “whether one lives in the North or South.”

Abaad, which imports educational and office supplies, has been an authorised Libyan seller of international brands, including Schneider, Lamy, Da Vinci and Rexel, for eight years. Abaad has noticed a high demand for its products since the end of the Libyan revolution and is hoping for more success in 2013.

Two exhibition stands, Libya’s Sinbad Tourism and Education, and Ozyegin University from Istanbul, Turkey, were promoting opportunities to study abroad. This was Ozyegin University’s first time in Libya. It is hoping to attract more international students by offering cut-price undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Mohammed Abbasi, from Ozyegin University, told the Libya Herald: “We want students from Libya to study in Turkey because there are many similarities between Libyan and Turkish cultures.” He added that Libyans do not need a visa to study in Turkey. Abbasi said: “I believe we will have more Libyan students in the near future.”

One visitor to the exhibition said: “Libyans are striving to reform their education system, which is in dire need of attention. There is a grave concern about the quality of education in Libyan schools and universities.”

(Source: Libya Herald)

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