Launch of Libyan Women in Business Committee

The Libyan Women in Business Committee has been launched at Tripoli’s Chamber of Commerce. It offers new and established businesswomen the chance to exchange advice and experiences.

Libya Herald reports that the event was attended by 25 women from a range of business backgrounds, and was chaired by Ibtisam Ben Amer, an importer of Belgium chocolate and a board member of Tripoli’s Chamber of Commerce.

Ben Amer, who has been running her business for 17 years, said she was keen to help more young people start businesses.

There is a movement in the country to rally against those who wish to marginalise the economic and political role of women in the new Libya. Members of the General National Congress, along with writers and academics, also met yesterday to oppose any attempts to thwart the growing role of women in society.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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