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The wider regional insecurity resulting from the four day hostage crisis at a gas facility, In Amenas in Algeria that ended 19 January, killing at least 37 foreign hostages has continued to dominate media reporting, in part due to alleged Libyan involvement in the incident, but also in connection with the perceived safety of foreigners in Libya.

The consequences of inadequate border security have continued to provide concerns for the Libyan government and many border crossings have been intermittently closed in recent months. The border crossing at Musaid, to Egypt, was closed to foreigners 22 January. The crossing has a reputation for violence and intimidation by smugglers. The Tunisian border at Ras Jedir has again reopened in both directions, 27 January; the crossing has closed periodically as a result of protests on the Tunisian side of the border. The land crossing at Ghadames to Algeria was reportedly closed again; in a bid to contain smuggler activity.

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