Magarief Appeals to Libyan People

President Mohammed Magariaf [Magarief] (pictured) has said that the "first proof" of Libya not being safe is the foreign companies not wanting to come to the country.

He added that it’s the responsibility of all the people, not just the government, to keep the country safe and secure.

Bloomberg suggests that the choice of Benghazi as the venue for his speech appeared as much a symbolic move as one reflecting the political realities in Libya; the eastern part of the country was the first to jockey for greater autonomy from the central government in Tripoli, threatening to undercut the fitful push to stability over the past few months.

The President also said it was critical that Libya deal with corruption, which he described as having become an "addiction":

"Let’s say no to corruption. Let’s say no to chaos ... we must stand together to stop the racism, the violence -- to stand together as one country."

(Source: Bloomberg)

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