Egyptians Protest at Libyan Border

Residents of the western Egyptian cities of Salloum [Sollum] and Sidi Barrani blocked the main road to Libya to protest against new rules requiring Egyptians to apply for visas ahead of time.

The road had just been re-opened on Tuesday following the decision by the Libyan government to close land borders for five days around the anniversary of the revolution.

Egypt Independent reports that, according to people living in the area, the decree was announced without warning on Tuesday, and required Egyptians to get approval from the Libyan Embassy.

In response, demonstrating Egyptians are preventing Libyans and goods vehicles from entering Egyptian territory and have said they will do so until visa requirements are reversed.

Traffic is said to be moving normally across the Tunisian border crossing at Ras Jadir.

(Sources: Libya Herald, Egypt Independent)

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