Harouge Tender for Work at Ras Lanuf

Harouge Oil Operations has issued an invitation to participate in tender No (08/2013), for companies that have the required legal and valid licence documents.


Location of the Work: Ras lanuf tank farm.

General Description of the Work:

Replace the existing above ground 16" relief line.

install a new (16") relief line from Sirtica station (8") relief valve to Tie-in No (6) adjecent to tank (3).

Installation will include (8") temporary relief line.

To all specialized companies in this field and wish to participate in this tender who are technically, capable to executing this tender, should send an approved representative to collect the tender package.

Note that the date for collection of the tender package commences from Sunday 07/04/2013 until Thursday 11/04/2013 from ( 9:30 ) am to (12:00) pm.

The Collection of the package is from Tender Committee office, 6th floor at the company head office in Tripoli. The package will be issued according to the following criteria:

Representative of the interested company shall be authorized to collect the tender package and shall present an official document stamped with a company seal.

Official letter addressed to HOO Company’s Chairman of Tender Committee confirming the desire to participate in this Tender.

Provide a copy of the legal document clearly prove compliance with the specialization required to execute this work.

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