Interpol, Libya Work to Recover Stolen Assets

Identifying how INTERPOL can provide additional assistance in the recovery of assets stolen during the Gaddafi regime and help enhance national and regional security were key issues during a meeting between INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble and Prime Minister Ali Zeidan.

With Secretary General Noble also meeting Interior Minister Ashour Shuwail and Foreign Minister Mohamed Abdelaziz, high on the agenda of Mr Noble’s two-day mission was INTERPOL’s active role in helping Libya identify, locate and extradite fugitives through the publication of Red Notices, or international wanted persons alerts.

“As Libya continues to rebuild its infrastructure following the 2011 overthrowing of Gaddafi, INTERPOL member countries can help Libya track down not only fugitives, but the millions if not billions in assets stolen by Colonel Gaddafi, his family and associates,” stated Secretary General Noble.

Libya’s Prime Minister Zeidan, Foreign Minister Abdelaziz, and Interior Minister Shuwail were united in their support of INTERPOL’s providing technical assistance and creating a joint public private task force that would collaborate with Libya to help track down and repatriate the assets looted from the country during the Gaddafi regime.

“These stolen assets need to be recovered so that ‘they can be made available to and for the benefit of the people of Libya’ as required by several UN Security Council resolutions. If INTERPOL is successful, then it will help Libya in its efforts to build a peaceful, secure, independent and free Libya,” concluded Mr Noble.

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