Total Announce Pre-Qual for Marine Logistics Base

Within the Framework of the contracted areas 15, 16 & 32 (former C137N) Total E&P Libye intends to release a Call for Tender for the provision of Marine Logistics Base and Support Services in any suitable port at the Western Cost of Libya between Tripoli and Ras-Ejdeer, to support our Offshore Drilling Campaign in 2013-2016.

The main service required to provide in any of the qualified Marine Base:

  • Provision of long term independent berthing key for TEPL supply vessels.
  • Provision of adequate safe loading/offloading jetty area alongside the berthing key.
  • Offloading and loading of TEPL supply vessels.
  • Transport services from/to the nominated port.
  • Provision of fresh water and fuel required for the vessels and drilling operations.
  • Provision of external open storage yard of 30,000 m2.
  • Provision of external closed storage warehouse of 800 m2.
  • Any other services in this aspect.

Total E&P Libye invites all local and international firms which are specialized in Marine Logistics Base and Support Services to send to Total E&P Libye their complete prequalification documents, for registration and evaluation. Taking into consideration to include the following:

  • All Necessary documents and licenses attesting registration according to the applicable laws and procedures in Libya.
  • Submission of experience works in providing Marine Logistics Base and Support Services inside Libya during the last five years, in particular Marine Support Services carried in Tripoli Seaports.
  • Complete detailed addresses of the firm main office and its branches; Total E&P Libye has the right to check-visit if necessary.
  • Total E&P Libye has the right to request any supportive documents to the submitted data.
  • Last date for submission of prequalification documents is on Thursday, the 25 of April 2013 at 12:00 O’clock.

Files should be sent to TEPL as per the following address:

COMPANY's address


DHAT EI-Imad Complex

Tower 3, Floor 13

Tel.: + 218 21 3350317

Fax: + 218 21 3350407

For the attention of Ms. Nisrin OUN

(Source: NOC)

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