Libya to Issue Solar Tenders

Reuters reports that Libya is nearly ready to issue tenders for two new solar plants.

Electricity Minister Ali Mohammed Muhairiq told a conference in Brussels on sustainable energy:

"In 20 to 30 years Libya may run out of oil, therefore we plan to replace it with renewables ...  My projection is 20 percent (renewable electricity) by 2020, mainly through solar energy.

"I think if we just used less than 5 percent of the Libyan desert, annually (sic) it could power the whole of Europe."

He added that Libya also planned to set up an electricity regulatory authority by the end of the year.

The European Commission has backed the idea of working with north African nations to develop their vast wind and solar potential and eventually connect it to the European grid.

It has given support to Desertec, a German consortium set up in 2009, which envisages Europe will import up to a fifth of its electricity from solar and wind parks in North Africa and the Middle East by 2050.

(Source: Reuters)

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