RWE Pre-Qual for 3D Seismic Data Acquisition

RWE Dea NA/ME GmbH (Libya Branch) intends to issue the tender described below and wishes to invite for pre-qualification, interested, experienced and reputable companies (contractor) specialized in providing 3D Seismic Data Acquisition Services.

In Libya, one of the key regions of RWE Dea’s upstream business, the company operates the concessions NC193 and NC195 located in the Sirte Basin area.


The work program consists of the acquisition of two separate onshore 3D seismic surveys. One shall be located in license areas NC195 with the size of approximately 500sqkm and the second one in license NC193 covering an area of approximately 300sqkm. The source shall be hydraulic vibrator.

Ideally surveys shall be acquired both by the same contractor either simultaneously or back to back.

Prior to the seismic data acquisition an uphole survey shall be conducted to quantify thickness, lithologies and seismic velocities within the near surface layers.

The required number of active channels will be in the range of 2,000 within one active receiver spread.

Geological target depth is between 3000ft and 12,000ft below ground level. The overall surface elevation varies between 200ft and 1100ft above mean sea-level.

The contractor shall ideally be able to operate a seismic camp to both accommodate the entire seismic crew as well as for maintenance of field equipment according to IAGC standards.

All services shall be conducted in accordance to state of the art technical standards and highest specifications with regard to health, safety as well as with a minimum impact on the sensitive desert environment.

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