EU Funds Migration Management Training

This week, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) is organizing training on migration management for 26 immigration officers from Libya’s Ministry of Interior. The three-day workshop is part of the IOM’s EU-funded START project, “Stabilizing at-risk communities and enhancing migration management to enable smooth transitions in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.”

It will include modules dealing with migration management processes and concepts; identifying migration impact; enhancing the understanding of migrants’ rights, international obligations of the State; and regional and international cooperation in addressing migration.

On 30 April, IOM Libya will offer another three-day EU START-funded training on labour migration for Ministry of Labour and Rehabilitation (MoLR) officials.

The training, at the request of the MoLR, will focus on labour migration trends, policies and terminology. It will also address international legal frameworks for the protection of migrant workers; international cooperation for the facilitation of labour migration; and the protection of migrant workers.

(Source: EU)

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