AECOM Returning to Libya

US Project Management firm AECOM is to return to Libya.

Mahmoud Ajaj, Chairman of the Housing and Infrastructure Board (HIB), said that he expected AECOM to return in August, with an advance team probably arriving in July.

He said that the company would provide project supervision, training, and knowledge transfer. He expected over one thousand Libyans would receive training, but according to Libya Herald he gave no details about the duration or value of the contract.

He added that Libya will be undertaking large projects and needs help from outside. AECOM will have a role in assessing contractors, and Ajaj confirmed that unsatisfactory contractors would be replaced. AECOM is also expected to help Libya negotiate with its present contractors regarding their claims and status.

Ajaj also commented that the HIB had only received LD 1.5 billion in the 2013 budget of LD 66 billion, versus a request from the HIB of about LD 32 billion.

He forecast that the private sector will play an increasing role in the construction sector.

(Source: Libya Herald)

2 Responses to AECOM Returning to Libya

  1. Muftah 12th June 2013 at 6:32 am #

    This HIB is one of the most corrupted administrations in Libya, what Libya needs is benefitting from its wealth without those corrupted figures who are very well known

  2. Kimberly Jones 13th June 2013 at 4:07 am #

    HIB must implement accountability, transparency and most of all integrity in order to earn the trust of the Libyan people. In the New Libya this is essential. Additionally, AECOM has to enter Libya with a new attitude. Previously they worked for Gaddafi ... Now they work for the People of Libya. If all of these things are remembered an carried out consistently, HIB has an important role to play in Libyas reconstruction and the security of Libya. Security is much more that weapon control -- it is also safe housing, food safety, and education. The HIB's plan is a huge contributor to safety planning for Libya,

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