Wintershall's Libya Oil Output Lags

Reuters reports that Wintershall, a subsidiary of Germany's BASF, has not been able to raise its Libyan oil production to pre-revolution levels due to infrastructure problems.

Uwe Salge, Wintershall's general manager in Libya, told the news agency that the firm now produces 85,000 bpd and this year aims to get production back to the 100,000 bpd it had before the war in 2011:

"The major limiting factor is that our exports are relying on the infrastructure of other operators where we have already had some problems, like strikes ...

"Also there are certain oil field services which are not yet fully available in the country, but they are coming back."

Wintershall's installations have been spared such attacks, Salge said, but added that the industry was likely to experience continued interruptions and temporary production shutdowns.

"I don't see this as a long-term risk," Salge said, adding that the areas where Wintershall is based were "rather civil".

(Source: Reuters)

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