$52m Czech Deal with Libyan Military

Several Czech companies have negotiated a contract reported to be worth 1 billion Czech korunas ($52 million) to supply and modernise hundreds of amphibious armoured vehicles for the Libyan military.

Among the firms that would benefit most from the contract are Excalibur Army, Tatra, VOP CZ; additionally STV Group and Zeveta Bojkovice could be involved if the Foreign Affairs Ministry allows the export of ammunition.

The Ministry has blocked sales of ammunition in the past because of fears that it could end up in the wrong hands. According to the report from Prague Monitor, the companies say this could thwart the deal.

The companies are to supply 350 "BRDM" amphibious wheeled armoured vehicles (pictured) and "BVP-1" amphibious tracked armoured vehicles. They would also repair them and supply new equipment. They would also modernise a further 300 vehicles directly in Libya.

(Source: Prague Monitor)

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