BP Deep Water Site Investigation

BP Exploration Libya Ltd has requested “Expressions of Interest” from qualified contractors for the provision of deep water site investigation services.

The work scope includes (i) the acquisition and analysis of water and seabed sediment samples and (ii) the deployment of current metres to measure water current profiles. This work is required in support of BP’s forthcoming exploration drilling campaign in the offshore Sirte Basin, Libya.

Scope of Work

The site investigation consists of two scopes of work:

The deployment of two water current measurement moorings in water depths of 800 metres and 2000 metres for a period of 12 months with associated service visits.

The collection and analysis of samples from the water column and seabed at 39 sampling locations in water depths ranging from 300 metres to 2200 metres. These samples will provide information on the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of the water column and seabed sediments.

Any contractors providing “Expression of Interest” must as a minimum provide the following information:

A) Copies of Libyan Company Registration Documents (Libyan Tax Registration/Libyan Company Registration/Libyan Permit to Work);

B) Contractor’s nationality and details of their Registration

C) Details of experience of the acquisition and subsequent testing and analysis of water and sediment samples in water depths up to 2200 metres

D) Details of experience of deploying and servicing current measurement moorings in water depths up to 2000 metres.

E) Details of vessels that have the capability to undertake the above scope work and that would be available to complete the work before end November 2013.

F) Details of Health, Safety and Environment Management programs in place.

Contractors are invited to register their interest for the provision of these services in Libya by submitting the requested information. This information will then be used by BP Libya to identify potential contractors to participate in a competitive tender for this work.

Response Deadline and Address

A statement of Expression of Interest and all required information must be received no later than the close of business on 25 June 2013. Interested contractors can submit the information via email as follows:

Email address: [email protected]

The information can alternatively be submitted on CD to BP Libya, Abdelaziz Bin Omar Street, Noufleen, Tripoli – attention: PSCM Ops Team Leader/Hend Etarhuni

BP Exploration Libya Ltd reserves the right to exclude without notice Contractors providing insufficient or inadequate information. This announcement is to be considered as an Expression of Interest only.

(Source: NOC)

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