Gaddafi's Property Legacy

While security has been in the spotlight, and rightly so, another major challenge facing the Libyan government is the question of property rights.

On Monday, the General National Congress said it is working to resolve the thorny issue of property sequestered by the Gaddafi regime, but added that the complexity and sheer number of property claims made it a huge task.

Aside from cases where property was simply taken from those who were out of favour with the former government, there is also the problem of a law dating from the mid-1970s under which people living in a dwelling were considered to own it.

In the years that followed, properties may have changed hands many times, with new owners feeling they have legitimate rights to the properties they paid for.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that Libya’s main property records office burned down in the early 1980s, an event that many believe was a deliberate attempt by the authorities to muddy the waters.

Realistically, it will take years to resolve outstanding claims; it's just another of the problems that the country has to tackle.


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  1. Husni Bey 19th June 2013 at 1:44 pm #

    [Note: Libya Business News has so far not been able to verify that this comment is actually from Husni Bey.]

    We are all aware that we have a problem , but the problem is not as complex as it many benefiting may wish to make it look or sound.
    -We had a Libyan Government that issued laws , bad laws .
    -Many abused the laws , so even if the law is bad , no one had the right to breach it.
    -The Temporary Constitution , to which we all adhered , had articles protecting private and public properties.
    -The BAD law number 4 , it has neither been repealed nor frozen. So the abusers keep abusing and the victims have become oppressors and the oppressors have become oppressed themselves.
    -The Land registry is shut since two years , so the rightful owners have no access to their files to defend their properties at the courts.
    -The ones who abused the laws are 2.5% of the population , yet the inaction is damaging the economy and the 97.5% of the population.
    -All talk about the problems , but no one is offering a vision.
    -Bloody FREEZE the Bad laws now , law 4/78 and any other laws.
    -Whoever acquired a property with strict adherence to the bad laws in place , that inter alia prescribed that : 1- The over taken property is being lived in 2- The abuser has no other property but the one he has taken 3-It is within towns and villages , not in country side or agriculture......................IN PRACTICE THE GOVERNMENT SOLD TO THE ABUSER WHAT IS NOT LEGALLY GOVERNMENT OWNED.
    The Government has to pay for the damages caused to the abuser or the the Ex Rightful owner.
    -Whoever had abused and breached the bad laws and acted illegally , has to vacate the property.
    -Whoever owns a second house , has acted against the bad laws and must vacate.
    -Whoever acquired a property taken from the rightful owners , the above MODEL will apply.

    FYI......................the total disputed properties are at most 27,000 units.
    Why block a NATION of 2 Million+ properties for just under 27,000 or 1.5%

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