Libyan Govt to Re-Equip Army, Police

AfriqueJet reports that the Libyan government has reaffirmed its commitment to fully support the army and police with the required logistics and equipment to tackle the security issues the country is currently facing.

Prime Minister Ali Zeidan made the commitment at a meeting with top officials from the army, police and border guards to discuss the security situation at the sensitive border crossings in the Ghatt region.

Home Affairs minister, Mohamed al-Cheikh, commended the role played by the police and the army despite the lack of equipment.

(Source: AfriqueJet)

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  1. Aldo 25th June 2013 at 3:14 pm #

    yr title ''Libyan Govt to Re-Equip Army, Police'' contradicts content of yr article or vice versa. Article reads ''PM made its commitment . . . . . to discuss security . . . .''

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