Azzawiya Refinery Invites Firms for Pre-Qual

The Azzawiya Oil Refining Company (ARC) intends to issue a pre-qualification to enter into a long-term contract for the provision of Personal Protective Equipment PPE as per below List of Material and Specification and wishes to invite international manufacturers or their official agents to submit their complete pre-qualification documents for evaluation and preparation of the bidders' list.


Azzawiya Oil Refining Company is located about 45 kilometers to the West of Capital Tripoli City, at Azzawiya City – Libya.

Qualification Requirements:

Manufacturers wish to participate in the pre-qualification have to :

• Submit company Profile.

• Full details of previous or current similar contracts performed with relevant and verifiable Reference List of clients to whom such material have been sold

• Company’s financial status for the last three years.

• Company’s head office address and branches if any, i.e. telephone/ telefax numbers email address, website and Contact details.

• Bidders are permitted to submit equivalent specification deemed to be as per international safety norms and in compliance with OSHA and ISO Personal Protective Equipment Standards. Such specification shall be reviewed and verified in evaluation process but priority shall be given to offers submitted in accordance to Azzawiya Oil Refining Company specification.

• Bidders must provide a sample against each item for evaluation proceedings. All samples will be returned and can be collected from Procurement Committee.

Manufacturers willing to take part in the pre-qualification process are required to submit their documents by 12:00 PM 2013/09/30 addressed to attention of :-

Azzawiya Oil Refinery Procurement Committee Chairman

Ground Floor, Administration Building, Azzawiya Oil Refining Company Inc. Libya office No 10, e-mail [email protected] telephone +218-21-3610539-42 Ext.4005, telefax +218-23-7643032. Post Office Box : Azzawiya 15715. Website.

Important Notes:

1. This pre-qualification request is not an invitation to tender. Azzawiya Oil Refining Company is neither committed nor obligated to undertake the aforementioned works or to issue any call for tender or to include any respondent to this invitation or other company on any Bidders List or to award any form of contract. Such act by Azzawiya Oil Refining Company shall be final and not be contested or challenged by any participants.

2. The Invitation to Tender (ITT) and full ITT package will only be issued to Manufacturer that has been pre-qualified.

3. Azzawiya Oil Refining Company will not be responsible for any costs whatsoever incurred for the preparation and submission of the Company Profile.

4. Azzawiya Oil Refining Company will deal only with a single point of contact the Manufacturer only during the whole phase of pre-qualification.

For further communication, you can contact us by e-mail at [email protected] or by telephone +218-21-3610539-42 Ext.4005, telefax +218-23-7643032. Post Office Box : Azzawiya 15715. Website.


- List of materials and specifications and yearly requirements shown in ( hyper link ) .

(Source: National Oil Corporation)

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