EU Special Representative Visits Libya

The European Union Special Representative for the Southern Mediterranean visited Libya last week.

Mr. Bernardino Leon met with the Prime Minister, Mr. Ali Zeidan and Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Justice, Mr. Salah Margani, the Vice Chairman of the GNC, Mr. Saleh Makhzoum and the representatives of the GNC Committees for Foreign Affairs, National Security, Legal and Constitutional Affairs, and Human Rights. The EUSR also met with representatives of political parties, Libyan civil society and business community.

Discussions covered the current political situation in Libya and preparations for the Rome Conference. Mr. Bernardino Leon reiterated the EU' support to the people of Libya and Europe's commitment to the successful conclusion of the transition process, the consolidation of democracy and the establishment of a stable and prosperous state based on national reconciliation, justice respect of human rights and rule of law.

The EUSR also expressed concern about the current political stalemate and stressed the urgency of a Libyan political consensus that overcomes divisions and enables the transition process to move ahead in a stable and secure environment.

A single, inclusive national dialogue could contribute greatly to the fulfillment of such goals. Mr. Bernardino Leon also considered that the 6 March Rome Conference could provide an important opportunity for Libya to forge a national consensus and common vision for the future. He encouraged all to work diligently towards that end.

The EUSR also expressed hope that the upcoming Constitutional Process would be a genuinely inclusive exercise based on the principles of the 17th February Revolution: equality and respect for human rights, rule of law, good governance, dialogue and reconciliation, freedom of speech and the right to peaceful protest.

(Source: EU)

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