Cargo Planes "may be Shot Down"

Cargo planes operating in Libya could be shot down without warning, according to a report from The Loadstar.

Major-General Abdussalam Jadallah Al-Obeidi, chief of staff for the Islamist-leaning Libya Dawn, told Libyan news agency LANA that unauthorised aircraft suspected of carrying weapons “from Egypt and neighbouring countries” to government forces fighting in the country’s Western Mountain region were violating Libyan airspace, adding that they would be considered a target and could be shot down without warning.

Meanwhile, senior officials of the Libyan army have again accused Turkey and Qatar of supplying arms to Libya Dawn, and said they had been monitoring the activities of one commercial carrier in particular.

Turkish Airlines is the only international airline officially operating cargo charters to Libya, with Libyan company Global Aviation operating weekly flights from Europe and Aqaba.

It is not possible that Turkish Airlines could be involved in any unofficial commercial activity,” a Turkish Airlines spokesman told The Loadstar.

(Source: The Loadstar)

(Air cargo image via Shutterstock)

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