Tender: Pre-fab Accommodation at Abu-Attifel

The Mellitah Oil & Gas Company intends to issue the tender below and wishes to invite for pre-qualification interested, experienced and reputable companies specialized in providing similar services for inclusion in the bidders list:


Provision and Installation of Prefabricated Accmmodation Rooms At Abu-Attifel

Field (A -100)

Scope of Work :

1. Carrying-out Surveying, Site Preparation and Soil Investigation Works.

2. Supplying and Constructing Reinforced Concrete Foundations, Beams and Slabs.

3. Supplying and installing Prefabricated Walls Sandwiches Panels on the Reinforced Concrete Foundations, Floors Slabs and Beams.

4. Supplying and installing Prefabricated Roofs Sandwiches Panels.

5. Supplying and installing Suspended Ceilings for all the Roof Structures

6. Supplying and installing Heavy Duty Metal Doors and Windows for Bedrooms and Toilets.

7. Supplying and installing Networks of the Sewage Pipes, Septic Tank, Soak-away Pit, Sewage Pumps Station, Manholes ,Tie-ins, Complete Toilets Sanitary Fittings and Systems

8. Supplying and installing Networks of the Water Pipes, Water Tank, Water Pumps, Valves Boxes, Tie-ins, Complete Water Fittings and Systems.

9. Supplying and installing Rooms PVC Tiles and Toilets Ceramic Tiles.

10. Supplying and installing Electrical Water Heaters and Exhaust Fans for Toilets.

11. Supplying and installing Air-conditionings and Heating Split Units Type for Bedrooms.

12. Supplying and installing Complete Fire Alarm and Smoke Detectors System for Each Bedroom

13. Supplying and installing Complete Internal and External Electrical Materials and Works, Cables, Wires, Breakers, Sockets, lighting, Switch Boards, Electrical Room, Transformer, External Lighting, All Accessories, Associated Works, ........ etc

14. Supplying and installing Complete Furniture for Bedrooms.

15. Supplying and installing Telephone and TV Networks System for Bedrooms including all the External Works, Internal Works and Tie-ins with the Existing Telephones Junction Boxes, excavation works, cables, conduits,.......etc..

16. Supplying and installing Complete Fire Fighting System, Extinguisher, Fire Hydrant and Irrigation System for the Landscaping

17. Supplying and Constructing All the External Works such as ( Landscaping, Car Parking, Walkways,......etc).

18. Finishing, Cleaning-up, Disposing, Associated Works .........etc

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