Media Coordination Strategy for Libya

Media development agencies agree on coordination strategy for Libya at MedMedia conference

Media development agencies at a two-day conference organised in Tunis last week by the EU-funded MedMedia programme and the Deutsche Welle Akademie, have agreed to establish a framework for improved coordination of their operations in Libya and discussed synergies between ongoing projects.

The conference brought together more than 20 representatives of organisations such as the Libyan Media Institute, BBC Media Action, Deutsche Welle, International Media Support, the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) and UNESCO.

Discussions focused on training programmes for Libyan journalists as well as co-production initiatives including BBC Media Action’s El Kul news service, Deutsche Welle’s Cloud News Agency and community radio programming being developed by IWPR.

The EU-funded MedMedia project aims to create an enabling environment for media reforms in the Southern Mediterranean region. It is part of the €17 million EU programme “Media and culture for development in the Southern Mediterranean” which aims at supporting the media and culture reform processes in the region.

MedMedia focuses on media legislation, regulation, programming, strategy and leadership with a view to helping state media fulfil their public service mandate and compete with the commercial sector. It will also work to build public trust by strengthening the media’s role as an independent watchdog and a forum for democratic debate.

(EU Neighbourhood Info)

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