Harouge Tender for Turbine Maintenance

Harouge Oil Operations, a joint operating company on behalf of the National Oil Corporation (NOC) Libya and Suncor Oil (North Africa) GmbH, announces an invitation to participate in tender No (06/2016) for companies that have the required Legal and valid License documents, for C-Type Maintenance for GT-35 Gas Turbine and Alternator at Amal Field.

Scope of work:

Perform the 40.000 hours inspection of the SGT-500 turbine and alternator as per OEM standard scope.

Unit description is as follows:

  • Gas Turbine: GT-35 C Dual fuel Nr: B000253,
  • Generator: ABB Type: GTA 975 CV rated at 17 MW.

The gas turbine is located in Amal field V-12 and it is used for power generation.

Due to the nature of the tender and in order to give the opportunity of both local and international companies to participate in the tender, Harouge Tender Committee is announcing for all Local and International companies which are registered in Libyaand have the required Legal and valid License documentsand have the interest in participating in the tender that the participation will be as following:

  1. Tender Committee will only accept participation from national and international companiesthat are registered in Libya.
  2. All companies who wish to participate in this tender should send Official letter before the date of collecting the ITT package addressed to HOO Company’s Chairman of Tender Committee confirming the desire to participate in this Tender, via email to:  [email protected].
  3. Fill the attached copy of consultant information form and make sure that your contact details are correct and current and send it with the participation letter.
  4. Provide a copy of the following legal documents attached with the participation letter as applicable:
    • Valid license compatible with the required work.
    • Commercial Registration
    • Certificate of Registration in Chamber of Commerce.
    • Payment of tax certificate
    • Article of association.
    • Previous experience in similar work.
    • Paying value of (500 L.D) five hundred Libyan Dinar cash or by a certified check which is non refundable, issued by a Libyan bank in favor of Harouge Oil Operations.
    • The Collection of the package is from Tender Committee office, 6th floor at the company head office in Tripoli, starting from Tuesday to Thursday 26/04/2016-28/04/2016 from 9:30 am to 11:30 am.
    • In case of no queries / inquiries are received from the bidder prior to bid submittal , this will be deemed mean that the bidder had studied the scope / specifications bid package, found it clear from both technical & commercial aspects, therefore in case of any shortages and/or change of specifications from HOO original scope/specifications bid package, shall result in disqualifying the bidder’s offer, and shall be excluded from further considerations with no obligation to HOO to request any clarification from the bidder.
  5. Bid bond with a value of (5000 LD) (five thousand Libyan Dinars) submitted with your offer in the form of a certified check in a separate envelope, which shall be refunded in the event of failure to secure the tender. The check shall be issued by a Libyan bank in favor of Harouge Oil Operations, or by letter of credit(LC) available for (6) months from the date of submitting the offer, the LC shall be issued by a Libyan bank in favor of Harouge Oil Operations .

Notes: Any company or contractor interested in participating in this tender is responsible for all costs involved.

If you have any questions please contact the Tender Committee via:

fax no :+218- 21- 3330090

Email to: [email protected]

[email protected]

(Source: NOC)

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