New Libya Entrepreneurship Programme Launched

ITC and Expertise France launch EU-funded Libya Entrepreneurship Programme

The International Trade Centre (ITC) and Expertise France have just launched the Libya Entrepreneurship Programme.

Financed by the European Union, the programme will provide six-week training courses for young and aspiring entrepreneurs in Libya through an online portal.

With record high unemployment and a domestic economy that continues to be dependent on oil-related activities, supporting youth in creating and developing private businesses is crucial to ensure a more stable Libya.

Through the Libya Entrepreneurship Programme, ITC and Expertise France aim to strengthen the skills of young Libyans and enable them to build a better future for Libya.

Composed of 12 hours of online training over six weeks, the Libya Entrepreneurship Programme can be taken either through self-study modules or through in-class sessions at one of the initiative’s partner municipalities and universities in Libya.

It provides aspiring young Libyan entrepreneurs with an understanding of entrepreneurship as a way for young people to overcome difficult economic conditions, the risks and rewards of being an entrepreneur and how to identify customers. It also explores how to find and grow a business idea, how to develop a business model canvas, and how to apply for bank financing.

Participants who attend the whole course will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

In line with the pedagogical approach of ITC’s SME Trade Academy, the course puts a strong emphasis on providing access to pragmatic, topical online content and learning materials to support participants’ skills development. The course is vocational, tutored, time-bound and evaluated, and is designed to be as impactful as possible.

The course is part of the development of the “Support to Libya for Economic Integration, Diversification and Sustainable Development” programme (SLEIDSE). This four-year programme, which is funded by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France, will provide support to aspiring entrepreneurs with a strong focus on youth and women.

In particular, it sets out to strengthen their capacities through training activities and access to networks. It will also provide substantial assistance to business support organizations, such as Libya Enterprise.

Libyan entrepreneurs interested in participating in the Libya Entrepreneurship Programme are requested to register at

(Source: Libya Entrepreneurship Programme)

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