NOC to raise Production at Sharara

National Oil Corporation (NOC) Chairman Mustafa Sanalla held a meeting on  Tuesday with Luis Paolo Navaz, General Manager of Repsol (Libya) and Deputy General Manager Al Mehdi Esmama.

The meeting discussed plans to increase the production of Akakus Oil Company, the operator of the Al Sharara oil field whose production is currently at 200,000 barrels/day; meanwhile NOC is exerting continuous efforts to raise the production of this field to 270,000 barrels/day in the coming weeks.

Mustafa Sanalla said:

"NOC is working hard with all its partners to increase the Libyan oil production to 1.1 million barrels/ day  next August,  yet NOC faces huge challenges including the regularity of NOC's obtaining of the employees' salaries in full and on a timely manner, the budgets related to maintenance operations, the blockades,  and military actions which hinder production besides some parties' offering money to some militias which encourages others to follow the blockade's tactic to blackmail the State, which is totally rejected by NOC.

"In addition to all these is the libel and slander media campaigns based on lying and malicious  falsehood to mislead the public opinion against NOC. These systematic media campaigns are sponsored by individuals and bodies whose agenda is against  the Libyan  national interests."

The meeting discussed sustainable development programs, social initiatives, and plans relating to environmental and production.

Mr Sanalla asserted the importance of implementing these projects as soon as possible because of their contribution to serving the local residents of the production areas.

(Source: NOC)

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