Stabilization Facility delivers Generators to Bani Walid

The Stabilization Facility for Libya (SFL) handed over in Tripoli five generators to the municipality of Bani Walid.

The generators are expected to arrive in Bani Walid next Tuesday, when the local authorities will install them in four different medical centers, and one for the company providing cleaning services to the city.

The equipment is part of the list of assets identified by the municipality as priorities to achieve local development.

During the handover ceremony, which took place at UNDP Libya office in Tripoli, Mr. Ali Embark Alnigrat, President of Bani Walid Local Council stated:

“On behalf of Bani Walid residents, I would like to thank the Government of National Accord for supporting our city and promoting stability in it. As a local authority we will be always keen to work with the government to deliver the best services to our citizens.”

On his part, Mr. Essam Garba, Director of International Cooperation at the Ministry of Planning declared:

“The Government of National Accord through the Stabilization Facility for Libya (SFL) aims to promote peace in the country and restore citizens’ hope by responding to their urgent needs and providing them with basic services. I hope that the projects that are being implemented in Bani Walid will have a positive impact on the lives of all residents of the city and help bringing back security and stability to it.”

The Facility, led by the Government of National Accord (GNA) and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), with support from the international community, aims to help local authorities to improve services delivery.

Since December 2017, through SFL, the Government has delivered to Bani Walid three ambulances, and one garbage truck. Rehabilitation of medical laboratories and hospital wards, as well as water pumps and school laboratories, are among other priorities identified by Bani Walid that will be provided by SFL.

(Source: UNDP)

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