Berlin Conference: Another Failure in the Libya Crisis

By Barbara Bibbo for Middle East Eye. Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Libya Business News.

Berlin conference: Another failure in the Libya crisis 

The Berlin conference that convened last month to salvage the feeble Libyan political process was generally regarded by participants as a step in the right direction. German Chancellor Angela Merkel successfully kept the motion afloat as catastrophe loomed.

A few more days, maybe a few more hours, and the situation would have been past recovery. With Tripoli’s civilian population under threat of massacre by renegade general Khalifa Haftar, the United Nations and the international community were losing face.

Turkey would have become Libya’s only saviour, with an eye on its oilfields. Egypt and the UAE would have been obliged to keep their purses open to fund Haftar and his reckless militias, as Russia pondered how to deal with its ungrateful client, after Haftar left Moscow without signing a ceasefire deal brokered by the Kremlin.

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