Libyan Oil Production Falls Below 90k Barrels per Day

Statement from the National Oil Corporation (NOC):

The NOC has recently supplied medical equipment to help local authorities across Libya deal with the coronavirus pandemic, click here for more details.

The forced and illegal restriction of oil and gas production has resulted in financial losses exceeding 3,957,326,455 USD since January 17, 2020. This means the Libyan economy and the nation's financial reserves are getting weaker every day due to the blockade.

Total oil production inside Libya is down to  89,933 barrels a day, as of April 5, 2020.

Many NOC facilities were illegally shut-down on 17 January 2020. This resulted in the shutdown of Zawiya refinery, and since then NOC has had to increase its imports of fuels to meet people's basic needs.

NOC calls on all parties within Libya to lift the blockade and re-start oil and gas production, so every Libyan can benefit from a stronger economy and a more steady supply of fuels.

NOC provides fuels to people in Eastern regions via different ports across the coastline. A gasoline tanker is preparing to discharge at the Benghazi port today.

Tripoli stations are being provided from its port directly and other cities receive their fuel from the ports in the western region.  A gasoline tanker is discharging at the Tripoli port today.

Transportation of fuels into the Southern regions is difficult and intermittent due to the deteriorating security situation. Some fuel supplies are getting through, but this continues to be a challenge.

Some cargo shipments are shared between various ports across the whole Libyan coastline. This is because of low levels of funding given to NOC, and to make sure vessels deliver fuel to all regions. This demonstrates NOC's commitment and ongoing efforts to ensure that all regions are supplied with fuel.

NOC will continue to publish data on fuel stocks in Libya as well as details of shipments, to inform citizens of fuel availability in their area.

Please beware of disinformation regarding the current fuel situation, published by non-NOC sources. This report is the only source of accurate and updated information.

(Source: NOC)

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