OMV, NOC provides Medical Kit to help fight Coronavirus

By John Lee.

The Sustainable Development Department of the National Oil Corporation (NOC) has procured medical equipment and devices needed to deal with the coronavirus, in coordination with the Austrian company OMV.

The equipment, which was received on Tuesday, April 7, 2020, included face masks, medical protective gowns, thermometers, disinfectants and other medical items.  NOC will distribute these across Libyan municipalities depending on their needs.

Mr Mukhtar Abdedayem, Head of NOC Sustainable Development Department said:

"In order to support the health sector and enhance its ability to deal with this virus, we are taking new medical devices, clothing and materials to where it is most needed. I have listened to the best advice from medical experts which is why we have chosen these items.

"Hundreds, possibly thousands of Libyan lives will be saved through this initiative. We have more materials coming, and I am talking to mayors across Libya to organise the distribution."

NOC would like to thank all its international partners who have helped Libya in this time of need.

(Source: UN)

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