Libya loses $4bn from National Economy

By John Lee.

The forced closure of many NOC facilities has resulted in the country losing revenue of over $4 billion.

NOC chairman Eng. Mustafa Sanalla commented on the loss saying:

"Libya is today $4 billion poorer than it would have been without the blockade. That is public funds that could have been invested into better health care, re-building roads, plus schools and education for our children.

"The $4 billion loss to the Libyan people is irreversible. All areas of life, the national infrastructure and all Libyans, including men, women and children, are affected by this heavy loss. This will add to their suffering that was a result of blockades on oil facilities over past years.  
"So, I call on those responsible for this blockade to think carefully and with a national spirit about the negative repercussions of their irresponsible behaviour on the life and future of the Libyan citizens, and the damage their acts could cause if they continue.  
"If NOC was able to resume production, the state may be able to stop the collapse of its economy and its vital facilities, and overcome this difficult phase that our country is going through."

(Source: NOC)

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