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Training Programme for New Generation of Libyan Leaders

In partnership with Libyan authorities and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Transition fund, the African Development Bank (AfDB) will launch "Tamayoz - Libya Leading the Way" Leadership programme. Tamayoz - meaning distinction and uniqueness in Arabic - has been designed to strengthen leadership at the decision-making levels of the public sector, private sector, […]

LAP Focusing on Developing Human Resources

By Isslam Moubarak. The African Development Bank Group (AfDB) approved the Country Re-Engagement Note 2014-2016, allowing the Bank to re-engage with Libya. This positive change demonstrates the improved optimism about the country’s future that business environment is improving, and that companies are going back to the country. The Bank is already working with a number […]

AfDB Signs Grant Agreement with Libya

The African Development Bank (AfDB) Group has signed its first post-revolution grant agreement with the Libyan authorities, to assist with leadership capacity building and democratic transition in the country. The grant amounts to US $3.5 million to strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of the Libyan institutions to deliver democratic governance and sustainable economic and social […]

AfDB Moves to Re-Engage with Libya

The African Development Bank Group (AFDB) is moving to re-engage with Libya after its Country Re-Engagement Note 2014-2016 was approved by the Bank Group’s Board on Thursday, 15 May in Tunis. According to the note, Libya’s new political landscape gives the Bank the opportunity to renew and expand its engagement with the country, a key […]

Development Planning in Post-Civil War Libya

Development Planning in Post-Civil War Libya: AfDB calls for transition from resource-rich country to a productive economy. In its economic report titled: “From Resource-rich State to a Productive Economy: Development Planning in Post-Civil War Libya”, the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group analyzes the change that needs to occur in Libya as it is about to […]

Tunisian Workers Returning to Libya

A recent study from the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and the African Development Bank (AfDB) found that about 70 percent of Tunisian workers who left Libya after the revolution want to come back to the country. AfDB Regional Director Jacob Kolster (pictured) commented: "Libya has great potential as a country for absorbing Tunisian skilled […]