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NOC "will not Reopen Sharara if Ransom is Paid"

National Oil Corporation (NOC) chairman, Mustafa Sanalla has said any attempt to pay off the armed militia occupying the Sharara oil field would set a dangerous precedent that imperils Libya's recovery, and the funds would be better spent investing in communities and providing basic services to the most vulnerable. In a letter to the chairman […]

Oil Supply to Es Sider Threatened

By John Lee. A group of unemployed young Libyans has reportedly threatened to shut down oilfields in the Maradah area of eastern Libya unless"all problems are solved urgently". According to Reuters, the group compained in a statement about an "absent state, lack of health care and other services, and Marada town’s lack of road links […]

What's Behind the Zueitina Blockade

Zueitina port still remains closed, days after roughly a dozen men forced their way into the oil export facility demanding jobs. The absurdity of that situation is hard to comprehend. The idea that people would feel that they are somehow entitled to work in a business, and would then threaten their prospective workmates with guns […]