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Libya to Offer Third Mobile Licence

Libya intends to award a third mobile licence within three to six months. Communications Minister Usama Siala told Bloomberg that the government is keen to decrease its hold on the telecom sector and "get the private sector more involved, whether local or foreign". He added that negotiations are currently underway with the Ministry of Economy […]

France Telecom Targets Libya for Network Management

France Telecom's head of strategy and development has said he is seeking to sign management contracts with telecom groups in Libya and Algeria. Reuters reports that Elie Girard (pictured) said no talks on acquisitions were currently underway, but Africa and the Middle East were a priority for growth. The group, which markets its services under the […]

Africa offers promise and peril to telcos

Poor infrastructure, fragmented markets and stiff competition mean Africa poses risks as well as potential rewards for telecom operators hunting for growth in countries like oil-rich Nigeria and post-revolution Libya and Tunisia. With new cheaper smartphones set to drive sales, a growing corporate market, and the fact that most in Africa will use mobile phones […]