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BLS to provide Visa Services for Libya in India

By John Lee. Indian-based BLS International has reportedly become the exclusive visa service partner for Embassy of Libya in India. According to Travel Trends Today, travellers from India will be able to apply for Libyan visas from the Visa Application Centre in Delhi. Shikhar Aggarwal, Joint Managing Director of BLS International, is quoted as saying: […]

15 million Tramadol Pills Seized

By John Lee. Sri Lanka's Police Narcotic Bureau (PNB) has reported intercepted a cargo of high-dose Tramadol pills destined for Libya. The drugs were found in container at Colombo Harbour, en route to Libya from India. The haul consisted of 585 boxes of 225g Tramadol pills, totalling over 15 million tablets. (Source: Adaderana)

Indian Nationals Banned from Travelling to Libya

The Government of India has decided to impose a travel ban on Indian nationals planning to travel to Libya, "irrespective of the purpose". India's Ministry of External Affairs has made the announcement "in view of prevailing security situation in Libya, security threats and challenges to lives of Indian nationals in Libya." The travel ban is […]


Blacklisted Oil Tanker Returns to Libya

By John Lee. The tanker that the Tobruk government had been using to try to export oil from Eastern Libya has returned to the country on Saturday, after it was blacklisted by the United Nations and refused entry to Malta. The eastern government's parallel oil company had hoped to sell the Indian-flagged Distya Ameya's cargo of […]

UN Bans Renegade Libyan Oil Tanker

By John Lee. The UN security council has blacklisted an Indian-flagged tanker for illegally transporting crude oil on behalf of the Tobruk government. The Distya Ameya was put on the list on Wednesday for carrying oil in violation of a UN resolution prohibiting shipments from rebel-held ports, according to a report from Associated Press. It […]

NOC Works to Block Eastern Oil Shipment

The Tripoli-based National Oil Corporation (NOC) is continuing efforts to stop the Tobruk/Baida administration from loading crude oil for export. In a statement, the company said: “Agoco, our subsidiary in the east, was instructed yesterday by a Beyda official to load a ship at Marsa el-Hariga. “[NOC chairman Mustafa Sanalla] notified Prime Minister Serraj and the Presidency Council, who understood immediately the seriousness of […]

Punj Lloyd in Massive Infrastructure Project

Indian engineer giant Punj Lloyd recently signed a half-billion dollar deal for large-scale infrastructure construction in Zliten. "We wish to inform that the company has been awarded a contract to design and construct infrastructure facilities of Zliten city (Libya)," Punj Lloyd said in a filling to the Bombay Stock Exchange. The company reported that the […]