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South African Combat Vehicles to be Investigated

A South African politician has called for the presence of South African-manufactured Ratel armoured combat vehicles in Libya to be investigated. Democratic Alliance MP David Maynier said that 423 of the vehicles were exported from South Africa to Ghana, Jordan, Zambia, Senegal and Rwanda between 2003 and 2012, with no record of sales to Libya. […]

South African Delegation Meets NOC

A delegation from South Africa held a meeting with the National Oil Corporation (NOC) on Sunday, 27th October, attended by Mr. Mustafa Snalla, member of management committee, and a members of the management committee of the Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BPMC). The meeting discussed many topics including the South African companies future work in Libya […]

South Africa to Investigate Stashed Gaddafi Assets

The South African Treasury is investigating Libyan claims that Muammar Gaddafi and his family stashed money and other assets in the country. A spokesman for the South African Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan (pictured), said that a group claiming to represent the Libyan government has asked the South African government for help in tracking more than […]

South Africa still has much to offer the eager new Libya

LIBYA’s liberation received vital foreign military and diplomatic backing, including South Africa’s crucial United Nations (UN) Security Council vote in March last year sanctioning a no-fly zone and "the use of all necessary means" to protect Libyan civilians. Any remaining doubts about the wisdom of the limited intervention to help Libya’s freedom fighters should have […]