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Libyan Women trained on Weapons Awareness by the UN

11 Libyan Women trained on Small Arms and Light Weapons Awareness by the UN The United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) recently involved 11 women from across Libya in a workshop aimed at enhancing trainees’ capacity to spread Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) awareness messages in their home communities. This event was kindly supported […]

The Online Trade of Light Weapons in Libya

A study by the Small Arms Survey finds that the revolution in Libya, and its aftermath, have paved the way for a large illicit arms trade to emerge. Many of the players in this new market have begun to use new technologies to hawk their wares, with online sales via social media platforms being one […]

Libya-Bound Ship Carrying Weapons Seized

Reuters reports that Greek authorities have seized a freighter carrying an undeclared shipment of weapons from the Turkish port of Iskenderun to Libya, 20 nautical miles northeast of Crete. The ship, with a crew of seven, was escorted to Heraklion port on the island. The United Nations has imposed an embargo on weapons shipments to […]

Video: "All Chemical Weapons Destroyed"

From Al Jazeera. Any opinions expressed are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Libya Business News. Libyan officials say the country's stocks of chemical weapons, including bombs and artillery shells filled with mustard gas, have been completely destroyed. It marks a major milestone for the country in the post-Gaddafi era. […]

South African Combat Vehicles to be Investigated

A South African politician has called for the presence of South African-manufactured Ratel armoured combat vehicles in Libya to be investigated. Democratic Alliance MP David Maynier said that 423 of the vehicles were exported from South Africa to Ghana, Jordan, Zambia, Senegal and Rwanda between 2003 and 2012, with no record of sales to Libya. […]

Libya Receives Russian Tank Destroyers

The Libyan Army has reportedly received ten more 9P157-2 Khrizantema-S tank destroyers from Russia, adding to the four it received in 2010. IHS Janes reports that ten of the tank destroyers arrived in Libya on September 24. The Khrizantema-S system was originally developed by the KBM Engineering Design Bureau for the Russian Army, with service […]

Risk Management and Lessons Learned in Libya

The issue of energy security on a macro level (the security of supply) and on the micro level (the security of assets, infrastructure and personnel) are intrinsically linked.  Volatile security environments in oil and gas producing states can challenge real or perceived global supply security and place a security-risk premium on the per barrel price […]

Libya's escalating gun problem

Tuesday's attack by gunmen on the headquarters of Libya's interim government was not the first time when former revolutionaries had used their weapons to enforce their demands and it probably won't be the last. Around 200 ex-fighters with 50 vehicles armed with multiple rocket launchers and anti-aircraft guns surrounded the headquarters of the government. The clash […]