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Flour Reserves to end Bread Shortage in East

Libya's internationally recognised government has been forced to dig into the country’s strategic reserves of flour in order to alleviate the bread shortage in the eastern part of the country. According to a report from Libya Herald, the Ministry of Economy and Industry has assured the public that the bread shortage has been resolved, and […]

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Libya "Needs to Pay Wheat Importers"

Libya's Economy Minister, Mustafa Abu Fanas, has said that the country needs to pay debts to wheat importers to secure future flour supplies. Industry sources say that Libya faces difficulties in making big deals to buy wheat due to payment problems (debts have been piling up for more than a year), problems at the ports, and […]

Benghazi Flour Tender

European traders have told the Reuters that the government grain-purchasing agency in Benghazi has invited tenders for the supply of 50,000 tons of wheat flour. The tenders must be submitted by Monday. The invitation is believed to have come from the Matahan agency which operates out of both Benghazi and Tripoli, and is responsible for […]

Libya Buys Wheat from Russia

Reuters reports that Libya has bought 50,000 tons of wheat flour from Russia. Half was bought for 229 euros ($298.95) per ton including freight from the Ukrainian port of Kerch. The remainder was bought at an unknown price for shipment later in July. (Source: Reuters)

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Suppliers to Default on Libyan Grain Deal?

Reuters reports that the rising price of wheat on world markets could jeopardise a recent Libyan grain deal. The contract, agreed on 4th July, was for the supply of 50,000 tonnes of milling wheat. "A lot of people will be surprised if that deal goes through as it looks like a loss-maker," one dealer told […]

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Libya plans to import 1 mln tonnes of wheat in 2012

Libya expects to import 1 million tonnes of wheat in 2012 as production is expected to increase only slightly after last year's civil war, the director of the North African country's authority for cereal production said. "We expect to import to 1 million tonnes of wheat. It will be done in specific (time) periods as […]

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